I’m the product of two fairly intense, extremely family focused individuals. 

My mom was the hardest working SAHM I’ve ever met – she will always be my role model for motherhood.  She shuttled us all around town to sports, piano, museums, camps (math, computer, space, Amish….that’s another story all-together); my siblings and I (half) joke that she had a better attendance record at our schools than we did – she volunteered constantly to make sure she knew all students and teachers who might impact our lives, so she could intervene if/when necessary; birthday parties were hosted at home, with DIY crafts, activities and treats that made each event somehow both epic and intimate.

My dad is a college football hall-of-famer, and former NFL athlete.  Top in his game, but the newspaper article my mom seems to show off the most is the one that said he wasn’t big enough to make it.  He’s a big guy, but it was his over-the-top work ethic that drove his success, and that is the true source of our family pride.  Beyond that, he is a family guy.  Growing up, our backyard was bigger than our front yard, but we always played baseball and football out front, so that the neighborhood kids would see or hear, and join in.  My dad was the all-time QB and all-time pitcher. 

I’m sharing this background to explain why I really didn’t stand a chance of being a laid back, go-with-the-flow type of person.  I bring my mom and dad’s intensity to just about everything I do.  Before kids, that was primarily dedicated to my career in banking.  I loved it, worked long hours without thinking twice, and did well.  

Then I got pregnant with our first child, and over the course of 9 months, underwent a complete mama-bear-transformation.  My intensity was re-directed to protecting her.

I became paranoid about what I put in and on my body, for fear that while it might be harmless for an adult, it might not be harmless for the itty bitty life that was developing inside my belly.  At first I started researching every single ingredient on the side panel of my skincare products….but the lists were SO long, and inevitably multiple ingredients would be….questionable.  So, I opted out. 

I opted out of skincare products when I was pregnant and breastfeeding my first and second child.  By the end of breastfeeding my second, my skin made me look older than I was.  Fine lines, dry skin, unevenness…

I was caring for my kids, but not for myself.

I became frustrated with the skincare industry, and what I really wanted from it started coming into focus: natural ingredients in a list short enough to research myself, that give me the “glow” I’m supposed to have as a pregnant and breastfeeding woman. 

When I couldn’t find products that checked these boxes, my dad’s stubborn determination and my mom’s hands-on, protective instincts kicked-in.  I’d make my own products.  They’d be pregnancy and breastfeeding safe, so that I could take care of myself without worry. 

My “glow” came a little later than I would’ve liked, but that’s why I started this company.  To help others tap into their pregnancy and breastfeeding glow with obsessively natural, intentionally simple products that have been developed specifically for that beautiful stage of life.

So, if you’re enjoying our products, you can thank my mom and dad :)




  • Awe, mamacita…thank you :)

    love you too!

  • Wow, that was a beautiful tribute ;) . Dad and I couldn’t be prouder of all you’ve accomplished. And we’re happy to reap the rewards of your great products and great work ethic. We love that it is not only safe for those itty bitty’s in all of our lives but restores and protects our own natural skin barrier. Thank you for doing all the work involved in bringing a dream into reality and at the same time giving to a truly life changing cause in clean water. And we thank God for you, xo


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